Teaching English to Young Learners

The following articles and special issues are selections from the international literature. Readers are advised to consult the abstracts of the papers that interest them for more information.

The International TEYL Journal An annual educational journal that publishes new research findings, review articles, and editorial opinion on a wide variety of topics of importance to those who teach ESL or EFL to children.

ELT Journal, Volume 68 Issue 3 July 2014
SPECIAL ISSUE: Teaching English to young learners

Garton, S., Copland, F. & Burns, A. (2011). Investigating Global Practices in Teaching English to Young Learners. ELT Research Papers 11-01. Aston University. Birmingham. 

Tamara Lee Opalek
"Best Practices of Brain Research For Teaching Primary Readers". The International TEYL Journal.
Herbert Puchta, Developing Thinking Skills in the Young Learners’ Classroom.

Nikolov M., Mihaljevic Djigunovic J., Mattheoudakis M., Lundberg, G. and Flanagan, T. (2007). The TeMoLaYoLe book: Teaching Modern Languages to Young Learners: Teachers, Curricula and Materials. Strasbourg / Graz: Council of Europe / European Centre for Modern Languages.  

The acronym TEMOLAYOLE stands for the teaching of modern languages to young learners. More specifically, this volume focuses on teachers of modern languages teaching children in primary schools, on curricula and syllabi, as well as on teaching materials and methodology and provides insights into what we consider good practice, innovation and quality research in recent language pedagogy.

Nikolov, M. and Curtain, H. (2000) An Early Start: Young Learners and Modern Languages in Europe and Beyond. Strasbourg: Council of Europe.

This volume looks into a wide range of early language learning contexts in Europe and elsewhere and provides readers with relevant insights into the spectrum of challenges early language programmes face all over the world.

Edelenbos P., Johnstone R. & Kubanek A. (2006) The Main Pedagogical Principles Underlying the Teaching of Languages to Very Young Learners: Languages for the Children of Europe. Published Research, Good Practice & Main Principles, SUMMARY (Final Report of the EAC 89/04, Lot 1 study).

This report arises from the Lot 1 tender of the European Commission (EAC 89/04, April 2005) in respect of the teaching and learning of modern languages in the case of very young children across Europe. Four main outputs were specified:

i) a review of research
ii) a practical description of good practice
iii) a description of the main pedagogical principles underlying the teaching and learning of languages
iv) an assessment of the consequences of these pedagogical principles.

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