Course Design and Evaluation

The following articles and special issues are selections from the international literature. Readers are advised to consult the abstracts of the papers that interest them for more information.

Begoña Clavel-Arroitia and Miguel Fuster-Márquez "The authenticity of real texts in advanced English language textbooks". ELT Journal, (2014) 68 (2): 124-134 
McDonough J., Shaw C. and Masuhara H. 2013 (third edition). Materials and Methods in ELT: a Teacher’s Guide. Chichester (West Sussex): John Wiley and Sons Ltd.

Brian Tomlinson and Hitomi Masuhara "Adult coursebooks" ELT Journal, (2013) 67 (2): 233-249.  Extract.  Full text (pdf)

Ka-Ming Yuen "The representation of foreign cultures in English textbooks". ELT Journal, (2011) 65 (4): 458-466.
Tomlinson Br. and Masuhara H. 2011. Research for Materials Development in Language Learning: Evidence for Best Practice. London: Continuum Press.

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